Photo courtesy of Word of Life Fellowship

Help Teens Swap Stress for Summer Camp

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Photo courtesy of Word of Life Fellowship
Photo courtesy of Word of Life Fellowship

Between academic pressures, staying up on social media and maintaining friendships, the levels of anxiety and stress seem to be increasing for teens. School guidance counselor Mari Campbell says, “What I see with high school teens—many balance a lot of responsibilities between school, extra curricular activities, work, family [and] friends. Many do not have the coping strategies needed to handle stress.”[1]

Teachers, parents and youth workers want to support teens in their lives and give them the tools they need to become healthy adults. Coping with stress is a key element in adolescent development, and adults can provide ways for students to manage stress.

Many students learn experientially by immersing themselves in new experiences and thus embracing new ways of thinking. By helping students have a break from the things that tend to create stress, they can develop a new perspective on their lives. Taking students to camp—for a weeklong summer camp or a weekend retreat—helps them see life differently. They’ll have extended time with caring, positive role models, and shared experiences that build trust beyond the event. Camp provides a time to get away, reflect and be still, which in our fast-paced society, has become a luxury. Help teens trade stress for a camp experience at


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