Working At Camp Provides “What It Takes”

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Photo courtesy of Word of Life Youth and Family Camps It’s a competitive world for graduating seniors, both at the high school and collegiate levels. Will they be able to get into the colleges of their choice? For college graduates, what kinds of internships will position them well for their careers? Will there even be […]

The Power of Camp 2017 Campaign Kicks Off

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Learn more about The Power of Camp and our 2017 campaign that we’ve just kicked off.  

Crickets, Forts and Childhood

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Photo courtesy Word of Life Youth and Family Camps Do you remember playing outside until after dark? Running as hard as you can, playing tag, building forts, laughing and getting dirty? As dusk approached, you’d listen for your mom to call your name so you could reluctantly go inside after a long and fulfilling day. […]

An Adventure at Camp is Life Changing

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Adventures are great. But once you’ve packed up your gear, put away your maps, what do you have left? An adventure at camp leaves an indelible mark on your life. One that lasts for eternity. #thepowerofcamp

Camp Improves Kids’ Emotional Intelligence

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Photo Courtesy Crista Camps There are many things working against healthy relationships today. One that we may not know the full impact of yet is the decline of emotional intelligence. Camp may be one solution to this problem. In a study of 6th graders who went away for five days of nature camp, researchers found […]

Echo: If You Listen, You Can Hear God’s Voice at Camp

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  Sometimes the Still Small Voice is squeezed out and muffled in our lives. Camp gives us the time and space to hear again.

God is a Nature Lover

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God loves what He has made. When we enjoy creation…nature…we are enjoying the work of His hands. “Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there He put the man He had formed.” Genesis 2:8 CCCA | The Power of Camp

Camp is Calling!

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John Muir, renowned naturalist who lived in the 1800’s, coined the phrase “The mountains are calling and I must go.”  We love creation. We believe that people are changed when they interact with God in the beauty and majesty shown in mountains and valleys and lakes and seasides and meadows … the places you find […]

Integrating Important Lessons into Daily Life

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As fall rolls around this year, Justin Ebert, student ministries pastor at Central Community Church, will be challenging his students to remember what they experienced over the summer including time spent at Camp Barnabas. The reasons Justin takes his students to camp are plentiful. Whether it’s the excitement of meeting new friends, playing outrageously fun […]

Join the Coloring Craze

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Join the coloring craze and download these coloring sheets from The Power of Camp.