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30 Activities for Kids to Beat Summer Boredom

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Photo Courtesy Word of Life

Photo Courtesy Word of Life

Need ideas to keep your kids occupied this summer? Here are some activities that will keep your crew from boredom until it’s time for summer camp.
1. Read a book together.
2. Volunteer as a family.
3. Participate in library story times and activities.
4. Reading contests.
5. Paper airplane races.
6. Train the family dog with some new tricks.
7. Plan meals/grocery shop/cook together.
8. Visit garage sales to find new fun family games.
9. Sleep in a tent in your own yard.
10. Make s’mores on your own grill.
11. Teach budgeting and have kids create a budget for the summer.
12. Participate in the kids’ building project at the local hardware store.
13. Crafts.
14. Bubbles.
15. Wash the family car together.
16. Lemonade stand to raise money for your favorite charity.
17. Paint rocks and place them around your property.
18. Make homemade ice cream.
19. Have a fast food progressive dinner (burger one place, fries at another, etc.)
20. Stargaze after researching stars.
21. Invite neighbors to dinner with homemade invites, placemats, etc.
22. Collect bugs. Research the amazing characteristics of each critter.
23. Have a contest to see who can go without technology the longest.
24. Host a talent show for neighborhood kids.
25. Teach basic filming/editing skills and create a family movie night with your family’s own movies!
26. Game Night!
27. Learn sleight of hand tricks from YouTube instructional videos.
28. Play in the sprinklers.
29. Grow and tend a garden.
30. Make a prayer list and use it.

Tips submitted by Amberly Neese (UCYC, Prescott, Ariz.)

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