Photo courtesy of Trout Lake Camps

Going Outside Improves Teens’ Quality of Life

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Photo courtesy of Trout Lake Camps

Photo courtesy of Trout Lake Camps

Did you know teens who spend more time outdoors are better students? This study found teens who played outside regularly performed better in school than those who didn’t. The same study found teens who don’t go outside as often as their peers are more likely to be lonely and shy.

Going outdoors reduces anxiety and stress in teens, and the benefits are almost immediate. When teens become campers for a week, they can embrace a slower pace of life. If there’s ever been a time for students to detach from technology, it’s now. “For teenagers who spend much of their time stressed out, overbooked and online, spending time outside is a critical way to decompress and reconnect.”

If reducing stress and anxiety weren’t reasons enough, going outside also supports higher quality of sleep. Let’s say a camper spends his or her afternoon swimming, playing gaga ball and hiking. They’re contributing to their brain and muscle development, resulting in better sleep patterns and overall health.

Camp supports thriving students who will leave renewed and will know what it’s like to live unplugged. Find a camp for your teen so they can experience the power of camp.

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