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What Are Your Biggest Wishes for Your Kids?

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What are your biggest wishes for your kids? What experiences do you hope they’ll have? How do you wish to see them grow? Somewhere on the list of dreams that you have for your kids is probably great friends, fantastic role models, and opportunities to grow and thrive. Consider how sending your child to summer […]

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Five Skills I Learned from Working at Camp

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When I decided to work at summer camp, I was confident that I would grow in my faith and have tons of fun, but I didn’t expect all of the other ways I would develop as a leader. Little did I know that as I was acting in skits, leading bible studies, and caring for […]

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If You Ever Get the Chance…

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You probably receive lots of advice from those who are older than you. It’s sort of a rite of passage in some ways. Often, it’s parents advising you to be careful when choosing friends, grandparents encouraging you to obey your parents, bosses sharing life lessons during a team meeting or instructors telling you to be […]

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Spending Your Summer Together

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There’s a lot of talk about the value of building community. But, what does that look like? You understand how that happens on your dorm floor, or your fraternity or sorority. You’ve experienced community-building when you’ve played on sports teams or have been in a club. How do you build community during the few short […]

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Four Ways Working at Camp Prepares You for Your Best Life

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The future is hard to predict. It’s not just cliché to say the world is changing fast — it really is… for better or worse. As you go through your daily life, it’s easy to get caught up in what is happening right now and not think about what you want for your future. And […]

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Is It Really Too Much to Ask?

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So, you want a lot out of a job. If you invest yourself in something, you want to know it matters and that your work has value. We get it. You’re not wrong! What if you could work somewhere you’re valued? What if you could find a job that combined your take on life with […]

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Six Ways Working at Camp Preps You for a Successful Career

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Look around and you’ll see a lot of articles, blogs and social media posts claiming that the job market is hot — there are not enough unemployed people to fill every job that’s open in the U.S. Still, most college students find it challenging to land that first job after graduation — and especially a […]

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When Boredom Isn’t a Bad Thing

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At this point in the summer, teens might be dishing out the classic phrase, “I’m booooored.” They’re likely turning to their devices to pass the time, but chances are those feelings of boredom are only multiplied as they scroll. Screens seem like quick fixes, offering entertainment when the world around them seems uninteresting. So, how […]

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A Healthy Dose of Laughter

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When was the last time you were in a crowd and the whole group erupted in laughter? The energy seemed to swell, and sounds of chuckles, snorts and hearty laughs filled the room. Bright smiles came upon each face, reflecting pure joy. There’s really nothing like it. Laughter is contagious, and there are scientific reasons […]

Defining Moments - Photo of camper on ropes course

Defining Moments

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There are moments that change you. Sometimes they are big, planned events like graduation or a wedding. But, most often, they come as surprises while you’re just doing life. Camp is full of those opportunities. Moments when you discover what you’re made of. What you’re made for. There’s something special about being away, being in […]