3 Ways Camp Friendships Are Unique

10 Jun / by: Christian Camping / 0 comments /
Two young friends walking together at camp - Photo Courtesy of Word of Life

Photo Courtesy of Word of Life

“Friendships help forge skills like negotiation, cooperation, and conflict resolution. They teach kids how to be supportive and show empathy. They also stimulate independent thinking and open kids up to new ideas,” shares National Geographic.

Have you ever considered how sending your kids to camp could create valuable friendships? Here are three ways that friendships created at camp are unique:

  1. Cabin Mates Become Best Friends
    When your child spends a week at camp, they’ll be part of a cabin full of kids who will become like their family for the week. Campers can often request one or two of their cabinmates if they want to go to camp with a friend from home, but it’s unlikely your kid will get to pick every single person in their cabin. This means that your children will get to create deep relationships with other kids who are different from them. Even if your child wouldn’t naturally gravitate to these kids, they’ll spend the week creating memories, solving problems and collaborating with these fellow campers. We can all benefit from developing relationships and learning from those who are different than us.
  2. Work Together for Common Goals
    Camp allows kids to collaborate as they work together on team bonding activities, participating in group games, and accomplishing tasks such as cleaning the cabin or preparing an act for the camp talent show. All of these activities can provide challenges that give your child’s cabin a chance to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the group. This can grow your camper’s confidence as they lead their team to victory during Capture the Flag, teach the cabin a new skit or dance for the talent show or use their problem-solving skills during camp games and challenges. It can also teach your kid how to rely on others and recognize the strengths of their team as they ask others for help while cleaning the cabin, follow the strategy another kid shares during camp games or listen to the concerns and celebrations that others share with them throughout the week.
  3. Create Fond Memories
    Throughout the week, your child will make countless memories with camp friends. The memories made during even the mundane moments of getting ready for bed, hanging out at free time, sharing jokes during meals or walking to the next activity will be some that your kid will cherish for years to come.

    Are you looking to send your kid to camp this summer so they can grow in their confidence, work with others and create cherished memories? Find a camp for your child to attend.