Why You Should Work at Camp at Least Once in Your Life photo of boy on climbing wall high-fiving camp staff

Why You Should Work at Camp at Least Once in Your Life

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There’s a lot we chase after in life, whether we intend to or we are influenced by society. We miss a lot of what life is meant to be when we narrow our mindset to society’s ideal life: go to school, work hard, get a job and pay the bills. When really, life is more than that. American […]

Image of several children playing at camp

Camp Could Play an Important Role in Your Child’s Future

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question we often ask kids. Maybe the question is a way of us remembering and dreaming. Maybe it’s a way for us to get to know a young person in our lives. Parents long to see their kids succeed and pursue their dreams. […]

Your Dream Job Image of three young camp staff talking and laughing

Your Dream Job

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The golden ticket. The brass ring. The winning numbers. They’re all long-shots but your dream job is just one email away. This summer camps around the country are looking for people who want to make a difference in the world and believe it’s possible to have fun while doing it. Camps are still looking for […]

Illustration courtesy of Luke Flowers

Where It All Started

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Illustrator Luke Flowers grew up in a place where his imagination ran wild. Set against the Rocky Mountains, his childhood home was an environment where creativity, hard work and perseverance thrived. “I grew up at camp where my dad, and his dad before him, ran the horse ranch for a camp in Buena Vista, Colorado. […]

Picture of pond in grassy meadow with sun rising in background

Place Matters

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When you travel to new places, your sense of wonder comes alive. Your eyes scan the landscape, taking in new sights, tracing every building and tree. There’s a newness, a kind of mystery about traveling to a new place. You know you’re going to discover something you haven’t ever seen before. You’re keenly aware of […]

Photo Courtesy of Lost Valley Ranch

The Best Leadership Lab

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How one leader gained lifelong lessons working at a guest ranch What does it take to forge a leader? Where do people go to become leaders who accept responsibility, serve others and change the world? For one leader, the time he spent working at Lost Valley Ranch made all the difference. Brad Lomenick is a […]

Photo courtesy of Carolina Creek

Countering the Impacts of Isolation on Youth

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It’s possible the pandemic may include more stay-at-home orders in the future, resulting in more virtual learning and students interacting with their peers primarily through technology. Youth workers, parents and camp leaders are asking, “How will isolation impact children and adolescents?” Pre-teen and teen years are incredibly formative, so what happens when kids are separated […]


How can camp address the social dilemma?

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Have you seen the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma?” The 2020 film dives into the complexities—and consequences—of social media. If you’ve seen the documentary, you know the concerns voiced by former employees of social media corporations and how it’s impacting our culture. In his book “Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now,” […]

Consider a Family Retreat or Family Day This Fall

Consider a Family Retreat or Family Day This Fall

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Your kids may be going back to school in-person, ironing out the logistics of online school or maybe a combination of both. This fall is unconventional in a lot of ways, but instead of focusing on the unique challenges, what if you could focus on what’s most important? Like spending time with family, playing some […]

The impacts of learning outdoors

The Impacts of Learning Outdoors

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Leaving the confines of indoor spaces presents children and teens the opportunity to drink in fresh air. Crisp, invigorating, fresh air. Aside from health benefits, which there are plenty, there are more reasons for kids to get outside. Studies are showing kids who prioritized spending time outdoors learn to navigate the physical world better than […]