Photo courtesy of Sky Ranch

Is It Really Too Much to Ask?

17 Feb / by: CCCA / 0 comments /
Photo courtesy of Sky Ranch

Photo courtesy of Sky Ranch

So, you want a lot out of a job. If you invest yourself in something, you want to know it matters and that your work has value.

We get it. You’re not wrong!

What if you could work somewhere you’re valued? What if you could find a job that combined your take on life with your desire to make a difference and grow, and provided the opportunity for you to actually enjoy your summer? If you work at camp, fulfilling those desires is not only possible, it’s built into the job!

A summer spent working at a camp not only is all that, but you’ll also be working in a beautiful natural setting where time spent outside is highly valued.

Get after it. … is just the start of a summer you’ll never forget!  #thepowerofcamp #summerjob