Photo courtesy of Word of Life - Students playing on blog in a lake

When Boredom Isn’t a Bad Thing

19 Jul / by: CCCA / 0 comments /
Photo courtesy of Word of Life - Students playing on blog in a lake

Photo courtesy of Word of Life

At this point in the summer, teens might be dishing out the classic phrase, “I’m booooored.” They’re likely turning to their devices to pass the time, but chances are those feelings of boredom are only multiplied as they scroll. Screens seem like quick fixes, offering entertainment when the world around them seems uninteresting. So, how can you help them make the most of their summer days?

Amy Crouch, author of My Tech-wise Life, roots for teens to set down their devices. She champions the idea of embracing boredom and rediscovering the world around them. Acknowledging the challenges tech can create, Crouch says, “leaning on our devices to help get us through unexciting moments actually makes it harder for us to avoid boredom. The real world will never be able to offer us that kind of interest. It’ll never give us as much flashy, on-demand newness as our devices.”

Instead of picking up the phone, what if the teens in your life opted to embrace boredom and went looking for wonder? One place to embark on a quest for wonder is at a summer camp or retreat center. These locations provide a mix of high-energy, exciting activities balanced with down-time to explore nature, engage in meaningful conversations with trusted adults and have space to relax without the pressures of tech. Those moments can help teens be noticers and to be aware of the subtle joys that are likely all around them.

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