Photo courtesy of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center

Four Ways Working at Camp Prepares You for Your Best Life

21 Feb / by: CCCA / 0 comments /
Photo courtesy of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center

Photo courtesy of Miracle Camp and Retreat Center

The future is hard to predict. It’s not just cliché to say the world is changing fast — it really is… for better or worse. As you go through your daily life, it’s easy to get caught up in what is happening right now and not think about what you want for your future. And before you know it, that distant concept of “the future” becomes “today.”

As you’re looking to land a job, one of the things you might ask yourself (besides “How much does this pay?”) is, “How does this help me prepare for my future?” If you’ve thought about working at a camp this summer, we have your answers!

Here are four ways to prepare for your best life and how working at camp can get you there even more quickly…

Build Up Your Physical Body

Your body is the vehicle you depend on to carry you through your life. The future isn’t going to wait for you to exercise and eat right. If you want a healthy, happy future, you’re going to need to take care of your body now.

There’s a workout for everyone. If you have joint issues, start with low-impact workouts like swimming or Pilates and slowly increase the intensity over time. If you love video games, there are more options than ever for getting active and/or getting outside (whether it’s Pokémon Go, DDR, or any number of PS VR games).

But, most of the things we’ve named, while great, take you away from most jobs. You have to make time for them, right?

Not if you work at camp!

Working at camp this summer and getting fit will be built into your day. Hikes, volleyball, frisbee golf and a whole slew of other outdoor activities are likely part of the work you actually get paid to do! Don’t miss this chance to set some new patterns and get a jump start on taking care of your body.

Grow As a Professional

Regardless of your profession, there are two things that every professional should be doing to prepare for the future: Training and networking.

Extra training can help you stay current with any changes in your industry or career by studying the latest developments and learning new skills. If you’re not sure what skills will most benefit you, try enrolling in a course online through a site like Coursera or auditing a course at a university (for free) that teaches an unfamiliar topic.

Networking is about developing relationships with people who can provide assistance, expertise or knowledge to you — all valuable assets.

While working at camp, you’ll get the chance to meet and work with people from around the world who may go on to run businesses of their own someday. Many camps provide built-in certification and training opportunities that look great on a resume.

Work on Your Relationships

A strong community will help you connect with others who have gone through the same things you have, which, in turn, can help you grow. It’s also a lot easier to find a sense of belonging when you surround yourself with people who are supportive.

Find something you love to do with others, whether it’s going on hikes or playing board games. Look for volunteer opportunities in your local community. Find where the people are who enjoy and believe in the same things as you and you’ll find your “people.” You may find significant overlap between those things and the kinds of folks you’ll meet at camp.

Develop Your Spiritual Muscle

Spiritual strength dramatically boosts your ability to identify and connect with aspects of

yourself that are more in alignment with the future you want.

If you’re a believer, prayer, reading and meditation on Scripture are some of the best ways to develop your spiritual muscles. Meditation on Scripture, in particular, gives you a chance to create distance between what you are experiencing now and to focus on what you want (and God’s will) for the future. Do something every day that will help you develop your spiritual muscle.

It goes without saying that spiritual development is one of the key “draws” for those looking to work at a Christian camp. You’ll be surrounded by other believers and the beauty of nature. You’ll have the ability to pass on the things that you’ll learn (even as you learn them yourself). We are all works in progress with lessons to learn. Stay humble but be kind to yourself in the process.


Now that you have a better understanding of the future, it’s time to plan for it. It all begins with assessing your current situation. What do you want? What do you need? The answers to these questions should guide your actions moving forward.

As they say, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is today. If you want to find out how you can begin developing yourself in mind, body and spirit, apply now to work at a camp this summer.