What Do You Want Out of Your Next Job?

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Photo Courtesy of Eagle Sky of the Ozarks

When the McCrindle research group gathered information on workplace motivators for Gen Z, they found that the top 5 motivators were:

  1. Seeing the positive impact of their work
  2. The relationships they have with those they work with
  3. The responsibility they carry
  4. Financial compensation they receive
  5. Their performance in the organization

If you can relate to any of those motivators, you need to work at camp this summer! Here’s how spending a summer at camp will meet all of those motivators.

  1. Positive Impact

    Working at camp means making a difference in the lives of the next generation. When you welcome kids at camp, you’ll often get to see growth happen right before your eyes. As you spend a week building a relationship with your campers, help them experience new things and make memories with their cabinmates, you’ll get to see your investment pay off. Kids who come to camp feeling shy or uncertain will leave feeling known and loved and will feel a sense of belonging.

  2. Relationship with Teammates

    Fellow camp team members become fast friends who feel like family. As you work together towards a common goal, support each other through the ups and downs and have a summer full of fun, you’ll create countless memories with coworkers who likely will become lifelong friends.

  3. Responsibility

    When a parent drops off their kid to spend a week at camp, they’re placing a lot of trust in those who will be taking care of their children. Working at camp is hard work. You’ll spend most of your day interacting with campers, problem solving and connecting with your peers. It’s hard work but it’s worth it! And it’s a huge honor to be trusted to watch over the campers you’re in charge of.

  4. Financial Compensation

    Who wouldn’t want to get paid to have fun?! Make money this summer as you zipline, swim, ride horses and go canoeing by working at camp. Spending a summer at camp also means you’ll save money as your housing and meals are provided.

  5. Performance in the Organization

    After spending a summer at camp, you might find that it’s something you want to continue. Whether you return for multiple summers or want to work at camp year round, there are plenty of opportunities for growth within camps and conference centers. Oftentimes counselors return after one summer and work on a leadership team. You’re sure to grow in your leadership skills by spending a summer at camp and there are plenty of opportunities to keep growing and developing as a leader. This is why many people say working at camp is better than any internship you could have and the best first job ever!

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