Photo courtesy of Word of Life Camps

Camp – A Summer of New Beginnings

24 Apr / by: CCCA / 0 comments /
Photo courtesy of Word of Life Camps

Photo courtesy of Word of Life Camps

Where’s a place you can really be yourself, your full self? Often it can be difficult to be yourself, and it’s easy to worry about what others think and how to fit in.

When you spend time at camp with new friends and new role models, you sort of get a new beginning—a change in perspective. Whether you’re learning how to make friends in the dining hall or trying a new camp activity, you get a fresh start. It’s not that you want to become someone else, but it’s the freedom to be yourself. To be honest about the books you like, the music you enjoy listening to, the school subjects you’re actually interested in, not just the ones your friends like.

Being at camp helps you learn more about yourself. It’s unlike other settings because it gives you a clean slate. Plus, you’ll have positive role models who can help you see your gifts and value. It’s a chance to be free—free to be you. That’s a summer worth remembering!

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