Camp and the Soft Skills That Help You Thrive

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A Harvard researcher’s recent findings adds that working at camp is a great training ground for your future. David Deming, a professor of education and economics at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard’s Kennedy School, says that for years, employer surveys have listed the ability to communicate well and work as part of a team among important skills for new hires. Soft skills like teamwork, dependability, adaptability, conflict resolution, leadership and integrity are all in high demand with employers. Not only are they in high demand, but according to Deming, employers increasingly reward employees who have those skills.

Enter camp. Working at a camp is like a graduate level course in soft skills all crammed into a few summer months. You’re not just helping campers iron out difficulties, working in a close-knit community with a diverse group of co-workers or finding great solutions to a problem you faced before you had even brushed your teeth. You’re actually honing and sharpening skills that will make you invaluable to future employers.

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