Camps grow strong girls

Camps Grow Strong Girls

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Camps grow strong girls

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Most girls don’t fit the mold. You know, the mold created by an airbrushed magazine cover. Or, the mold created by a society that has told girls they can be all they want to be–a mold that comes with a secret message that girls need to be EVERYTHING. Or perhaps the mold that tells girls they have to choose between their passions and interests in order to “fit in.” Camp gives girls a chance to shatter these molds and ask the most important question: What was I created for?

At camp girls often hang out with others they wouldn’t normally socialize with at school. The environment at camp may challenge their preconceived ideas about other girls who come from different backgrounds and help them form unlikely friendships. Girls gain confidence and perspective at camp. They learn to take risks and to become more comfortable in their own skin. Adult role models help guide them through the choppy waters of adolescence. Most importantly, at a Christian camp, girls will discover that God has a great plan for their lives–a vibrant, beautiful plan that is not only for their own good but for the good of others.

Here’s to breaking molds. Here’s to lifelong connections. Here’s to The Power of Camp in girls’ lives.

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