Crickets, Forts and Childhood

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Photo courtesy Word of Life Youth and Family Camps

Do you remember playing outside until after dark? Running as hard as you can, playing tag, building forts, laughing and getting dirty? As dusk approached, you’d listen for your mom to call your name so you could reluctantly go inside after a long and fulfilling day. Then, you’d crawl into bed with the smell of the outdoors still on your skin.

This is the stuff summers are made of, though it is not often the reality for most kids today. At camp, kids can have many of the experiences you treasure from your childhood. Experts say kids need unstructured play for healthy development. Kids also can benefit from adventuring and building memories that will last a lifetime.

The power of camp places kids smack dab in the middle of what makes it so great to be a kid: carefree play, good friends, caring adults and enjoying the long days of summer. Days when you can hear the crickets sing at night and feel the sun kiss your face during the day. Find a camp to send your kids to at Give them the best summer of their lives.

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