Photo courtesy of Word of Life Camps

Fast Track Your Leadership Skills in One Summer at Camp

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Photo courtesy of Word of Life Camps

Photo courtesy of Word of Life Camps

Where do you find opportunities to practice leadership? If you’re a college student, developing your leadership skills might take place in student organizations, Greek life or intramural sports. But a summer spent at camp is like a crash course in leadership. Here are four ways serving at a camp fast tracks your skills:

  1. Discover who is following you.
    As a summer staffer, you’re constantly interacting with kids who look up to you. Don’t dismiss the idea of the “cool camp counselor.” That role applies to you! Your campers are impressionable. You’re not only setting examples for campers, but parents depend on you to be responsible as you’re caring for their kids. You’re in a leading role at camp—and others are watching.
  2. Be real with others so they can be real with you.
    You’re able to join a temporary community where you can be authentic and create space for others to open up. It’s a privilege for others to place their trust in you. Deep relationships can be formed within a few weeks, and the foundation of those relationships is always trust. With that trust comes a certain level of responsibility.
  3. Practice servant leadership.
    Serving others is all about a willingness to be humble and to put others’ needs first. Washing countless dishes, mopping dozens of floors, and comforting a homesick camper for the fourth time in one day will give you a new perspective on service that will allow you to serve and lead others well.
  4. Get to know your natural leadership style.
    Are you inclusive? Do you take time to really listen? Are you a bold leader who is easily heard? Are you a quiet leader who asks questions to move the group along? Leading small groups of people can help you see your natural tendencies in leadership and help you identify your strengths.

Camp is more than a fun summer job. It can give you a rock-solid foundation for your future career. Interested? Visit to learn more and find a job you’ll love.

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