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How Camp Builds Lifelong Friendships

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Photo courtesy of Word of Life

Photo courtesy of Word of Life

As a student, your days are structured and there are schedule limitations for building friendships. Your interactions with peers probably take place during classes, club meetings and a spread of other activities. But extended, uninterrupted time is hard to come by.

In a camp setting, you will have opportunities to meet new friends and build lasting friendships—it’s part of camp’s DNA. Here are three reasons why camp is a great place to develop meaningful, rich friendships:

  1. If you land a summer camp job, you will meet some amazing people. Your peers will likely be from other universities, different states and possibly different countries. Many of your fellow summer staff members will be the same age, experiencing similar life events; pursuing a degree; looking toward the next step. And you’ll get to learn and grow with them throughout the summer.
  2. Your new best friends will be there for life: no exaggeration. Camp friendships are created over shared experiences, inside jokes and working alongside those who have similar passions and work ethics. And those friendships often become some of the deepest, most authentic friendships you’ll have. They can become the kinds of friends who stand next to you in your wedding, the kind who you call when life gets tough or you need advice.
  3. You will learn team collaboration on a whole new level. During the long summer days, so much happens. You can’t make it through the summer on your own. You’ll need friends to help you co-lead small groups, encourage you and help you stay focused. And, in turn, you will learn to do the same for others. Your friends will see the good and bad sides of you, and it’s those friends you can count on to be there for you beyond the summer.

There’s something special about camp friendships. The deep bonds formed at summer camp can serve as foundations for lifelong friendships, and it’s difficult to replicate that kind of depth.

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