Ministry Moment

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Caleb Aldridge, youth pastor at Lakewood Church in Texas, was a camper throughout middle school and high school. The youth group structure at Lakewood is primarily focused on events with activities for students. That’s why stepping away from the busyness and into a calm environment is so beneficial.

“Summer camp always creates that atmosphere for change or growth or something special to happen,” Aldridge says. “Having that time set apart is huge for students to encounter and grow.”

Aldridge considers camp one of the most fun times of the summer. And as he recalls the ways his students have changed through camp, he says, “They talked about how it got real for them at a summer camp because they responded to what they knew God was calling them to. At a summer camp, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a greater ministry moment than when the student can hear the voice of God and can do something about it.”

Photo courtesy of Camp Zephyr.

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