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Take a Break

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Photo courtesy of Tejas

Photo courtesy of Tejas

Honestly, today’s teens need a break—a break from demanding schedules, cafeteria food and probably their siblings. Wouldn’t it be nice for the adolescents in your life to press pause on their normal routines and come back a better version of themselves?

Camp supports that. When we asked parents of campers if their kids were nicer or more pleasant to be around after camp, 51 percent of parents said YES.1 Having time away from family life helps students gain perspective, and, as the study showed, they return refreshed and more amiable.

Maybe it’s because camp is a prime environment for making new friends. Teens can interact with people who may be different from them and learn how to get along with others. Learning how to be a good friend is a tenet of a camp experience.

Or maybe teens are more pleasant because they get to spend a week without a strict schedule and have the freedom to make some of their own decisions. As they grow in independence, teens look for opportunities to make choices without having pushback. At camp, they can choose if they want to spend the afternoon going off of the blob, horseback riding or zip-lining—it’s a safe place for teens to exercise autonomy.

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1 Sorenson, Dr. Jacob. “Assessing The Power of Camp.” InSite magazine. Feb/March 2019.


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