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The Benefit of Controlled Chaos

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Photo Courtesy of Word of Life

Photo Courtesy of Word of Life

Take a stroll through any grocery store and you’ll likely hear parents say:

“Please stop standing on the cart.”

“No, we don’t need another box of cereal.”

“Can’t we go at least one aisle without begging for candy?”

Kids want freedom and parents want peace. It’s a prime setting for chaos.

For many families, summer camp is the place where both kids and parents win. Camp is known for ridiculously fun activities. Campers are not only allowed but encouraged to play in mud pits, run in open fields, climb rock walls, swim in lakes, paint their faces and have time to just be kids. It’s a healthy space for kids to take calculated risks and step out of their comfort zones, which helps them learn how to make choices and try new things. Parents and guardians want their kids to succeed, and camp gives kids opportunities to pursue a growth mindset.

Plus, campers will have awesome camp counselors who are trained to control the chaos. They’re the leaders who spend hours with their cabin groups, leading and guiding campers during the best week of their summer. Thousands of young adults sign up to lead kids all summer long. Camp counselors serve as positive roles models who know how to have plenty of fun while balancing the responsibility of caring for campers. They know how to make sure their campers have a great camp experience that leaves them wanting to come back again and again.

Camps excel in combining structure and chaos to create lasting memories. And, in the eyes of a camper, a little bit of chaos goes a long way.

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