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Want your child to connect with nature? Send them to camp.

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Photo courtesy of Inspiration Point

Photo courtesy of Inspiration Point

How do you support your child’s sense of wonder? Their abundant curiosity paves the way for learning, and they’re eager to discover new facts about the world they live in—especially the great outdoors. While 96 percent of parents say it’s important for their kids to have “a connection with nature,” kids are spending less time in outside.  One study found “children today spend half the time their parents did playing outside.”

This summer as you’re looking for fun things for your kids to do, consider camp as a smart way to challenge them and to beat boredom. You can find camps with your child’s favorite activities such as horseback riding or mountain boarding. Search for outdoor education, aquatic skills or other program-specific camps here.

Time as a kid doesn’t last long, and the more you can do as a parent to foster learning opportunities will help your kids become life-long learners. “That’s what childhood should be about: getting outdoors and going on adventures, using your imagination to customize the world you see and feeding that appetite for fresh air and fun.”

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