Why Camp Staff Friendships are the Best Friendships

Why Camp Staff Friendships are the Best Friendships

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Why Camp Staff Friendships are the Best Friendships

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Making time for friendships after high school and college becomes challenging. Where you once could count on seeing your friends in the cafeteria every day or sitting next to them in a lecture hall, spending time with them becomes somewhat of a rare commodity in young adulthood.

But, what if you could have an entire summer to work alongside your friends and build relationships that will last a lifetime? From the time you start staff training to the bittersweet final days of camp, you will have loads of opportunities to make significant memories with your peers.

Friendships forged at camp are unlike any other kind of friendship. Your fellow counselors will be with you through all of the hype and all of the challenges. There’s something special about how quickly friendships are built at camp and the lasting mark they will leave on your life. You’ll look back and see the unique ways summer camp fostered relationship building and became one of the best summers of your life.

Instead of spending your summer randomly bumping into a co-worker at the water cooler, you’ll get to team up with friends on a regular basis, leading activities and serving together. You’ll collaborate in ways that make you a better leader—and a better friend.

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