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Where You Can Just Breathe

31 May / by: Leah Hill / 0 comments / tags : ,,,,,,

Just as a captain would steer the ship away from rocks and icebergs, today’s youth pastors look for ways to help their students navigate adolescence. The sources of stress for many teenagers may take the form of padding their college portfolio with extracurricular activities and impressive academic résumés. Add learning how to socialize with peers, […]

Key to A Camp Experience

04 May / by: Leah Hill / 0 comments / tags : ,,,,,,

This time of year Kyle Wassom’s students are swamped. Like a lot of other American teenagers, they have projects, exams, competitions and other activities that make carving out time for exploring their faith during the school year nearly impossible. Yet the student ministry team at First Baptist Church (Denton, Texas), prioritized a retreat to Pine […]

Physical Location For Spiritual Mile-Markers

19 Apr / by: CCCA / 0 comments / tags : ,,,

When Paul Turner looks back over his life, it’s clear camp has been the setting for many of his pivotal moments. The year was 1982 at Life for Youth Camp in Vero Beach, Fla. Turner was 14 years old when he received Christ that summer and was baptized by one of the counselors. Many summers […]

Time (And Money) Well Spent

14 Apr / by: Leah Hill / 0 comments / tags : ,,,

At Lives Changed by Christ (LCBC) Church in Millersville, Pa., discipleship is a strong part of the youth ministry. Chad Herman, student ministries director, says building relationships and spiritually encouraging one another within a camp setting is a “relational microwave.” “[Camp] provides this huge chunk of time with students. We don’t get that time on […]

Uninterrupted Conversations

07 Apr / by: Leah Hill / 0 comments / tags : ,,,,,

In a recent phone call with my grandparents, we talked about how they spent Easter, family news, and even the latest on the local high school basketball team. Small-town life, you know. The conversation turned to my projects at work and technology. My grandparents don’t have a computer or Wi-Fi. Of the pair, my grandma […]

5 Good Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp

06 Feb / by: Sarah Hilgendorf / 0 comments / tags : ,,,,

Photos courtesy of Crista Camps With all the activity options kids have to choose from these days, it can be challenging to determine which experiences are worth the investment of time (our kids’) and money (our own). Here are a few of the reasons why a week—or a summer—at camp should be at the top […]

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