Uninterrupted Conversations

07 Apr / by: CCCA / 0 comments / tags : ,,,,,

In a recent phone call with my grandparents, we talked about how they spent Easter, family news, and even the latest on the local high school basketball team. Small-town life, you know.

The conversation turned to my projects at work and technology. My grandparents don’t have a computer or Wi-Fi. Of the pair, my grandma is the only one who has a cellphone, and we tease her because most of the time she forgets to take it with her or turn it on. And yet my grandparents seem to get along just fine without technology invading their lives.

Their lives are hallmarked by relationships. They have a strong marriage. They are invested in the lives of their children and grandchildren. They have developed refined conversation skills, and—just ask Grandma—Grandpa doesn’t know a stranger.

When we talked about my generation and our interaction with technology, I told them I am concerned. Yes, I admit, we are too dependent on social media façades to define our reality, and we rarely have a setting where we are without our phones, laptops or tablets. My concern stems from the ability to truly connect with one another in an age where we are always “connected.”

As the conversation reached its closure, the parallels between my work with CCCA and the content of the call caught my attention.

At camp, we get to have those moments of uninterrupted conversation, and we are able to go deeper with those around us. At camp, we realign our focus in an effort to get back to what’s most important in life: a relationship with Jesus and relationships with people—in that order.

That’s why coming to work is exciting for me. This is an opportunity to give a voice to a cause that is desperately needed in our culture. The cause of Christ is above all tech advances, all life events, even all human relationships. If someone gets a hold of that reality during a week at camp, to me, nothing’s better.