An Unforgettable Team

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Photo courtesy of Word of Life

When choosing a job, what factor do your potential coworkers play in the decision?

70% of workers say the workplace is where they experience meaningful and regular social connection and community. (McCrindle Research Group)

Imagine spending your summer working on a team of fun loving, hard working, ambitious and encouraging teammates. Think of the friendships that could develop and the memories that would be created. How can this happen? It happens when you choose to spend your summer at camp!

Here are four ways being a part of a summer staff team at camp makes for an unbeatable summer.

1. Common Goals
When you join the team at summer camp, you become part of a mission to grow as a leader, serve camp guests and have a ton of fun. The other people on your team are also apart of this mission. Having these common goals will create trust and a strong bond as you work together to achieve them.

2. Create Fun Memories Together
Who wouldn’t want to get paid to swim, cook, play games and share meals with their friends all summer? If you spend the summer working at camp, you’ll leave with dozens of stories of the things you experienced with your camp pals.

3. Feel a sense of belonging
You might want to work at a camp with 20 summer staff members, or one with 200 staff members. Whichever you choose, you’ll likely feel a sense of belonging from being on a team with shared experiences and a common goal.

4. Find and give encouragement
Spending almost every day for an entire summer at camp means there will be challenges as well as celebrations. Your teammates will get to see you when you’re challenged and while you’re thriving. And when you are in those hard or happy situations, you and your teammates will get to encourage one another. There’s something incredible about a faithful friend who weathers every storm with you!

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