Does the Bible tell us to retreat into the woods?

11 Mar / by: Penny Hunter / 0 comments /
Photo Courtesy of Inspiration Point

Photo courtesy of Inspiration Point

OK, we admit: Nowhere in Scripture does the Almighty command Thou shalt get thyself off to summer camp. However, there are ample examples of biblical figures seeking retreat in nature. And even in today’s tech-dominated world, we love getting away to the woods where we can revel in the beauty of God’s creation—and listen to His voice.

Jesus may not have gone to summer camp, but count the times the Gospels report He retreated to a remote spot to collect His thoughts, prepare for the next phase in His ministry or to ask God how He was supposed to deal with the Father’s troubled but immensely loved creation—we humans.

Repeatedly, God’s people found strength and power by retreating from the cities and going into the hills and woods and deserts to get back in touch with their Creator. David found strength in the hills. Moses found direction in the desert. The children of Israel purged themselves of Egypt’s corruption depending solely on God out in the wilderness.

The Bible tells us that Saul of Tarsus, a man bent on destroying Christians, experienced a dramatic turnaround on the road to Damascus, Syria. God called him to preach, teach and evangelize Europe and write down much of what God wanted preserved in what is now known as the New Testament.

But God didn’t send him immediately into his world-changing ministry. Instead, He dispatched the world’s greatest missionary-to-be off to camp! The Lord sent him to the Arabian wilderness to build up his faith and grow in God’s mission for his life.

After Paul’s conversion, he vanished into what today is called “the Empty Quarter” for three years, during which time God’s Spirit taught him the ways of the Father. Paul emerged prepared to spread the Gospel throughout the known world.

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Follow Moses, Jesus and Paul into the wilderness. You may be surprised what God has waiting for you there.