Camp is Good for Your Brain!

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Photo Courtesy of CRISTA Camps

At camp, kids are given opportunities to participate in activities that boost brain development. According to Scholastic’s Parents & Child magazine, here are a few tips to help kids have healthier brains:

Movement gets the brain going.”[1] Physical play is a hallmark of camp. Campers get moving, participate in new games and adventures, and have plenty of time for free play.

Stress disables learning. Cortisol, a hormone that kills off connections in the learning and memory parts of the brain, is produced during trauma.”[2]  One of the benefits of camp is that it provides a reprieve from the stress many students face today. They are given time in nature, time away from peer pressure and stress, and get some quiet time to reflect. Camp is a place where kids can just be kids.

Music boosts learning.”[3] At camp, kids sing around the campfire, sing in group gatherings and even sing at the table. Music helps campers build memories but, according to Scholastic, it also improves spatial orientation and mathematical thinking.