Consider a Family Retreat or Family Day This Fall

Consider a Family Retreat or Family Day This Fall

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Consider a Family Retreat or Family Day This Fall

Photo Courtesy of Word of Life Fellowship

Your kids may be going back to school in-person, ironing out the logistics of online school or maybe a combination of both. This fall is unconventional in a lot of ways, but instead of focusing on the unique challenges, what if you could focus on what’s most important? Like spending time with family, playing some board games to unwind or getting outdoors to explore nature. What would you do if you had a stress-free weekend away?

There are camps and retreat centers ready to welcome you this fall. Imagine the luxury of leaving your home, going to a place where you can socially distance but also have a blast. Your family will have opportunities to get fresh air, be immersed in nature and celebrate the value of being in a new place. Being at a retreat or conference center allows you to take time to try something new, like their onsite activities, clear your mind and reap the benefits of the beautiful outdoors. Retreats can be budget friendly options rather than a hotel or resort stay, and they often exhibit a high degree of hospitality, too.

If it works best for your family to stay close to home, check out the day camp activities for families at local camps or conference centers. Some facilities host “family days” on the weekends, giving you a reason to get out of the house and away from screens.

Search for a camp or retreat center near you at to find a location that’s right for your family.