Could camp help your child become more responsible?

27 Mar / by: CCCA / 0 comments /


You’re working hard to teach your kids the value of responsibility, and it can feel like a full-time job. Whether you’re encouraging them to do their chores or stay up on their homework, it can be exhausting. Aside from the energy it takes to instruct your kids, there are extracurricular activities and field trips that regularly find their way onto the family calendar. You might be looking forward to summer just as much as the kids are. Maybe a break would be nice for you and the kids.

What if championing your child’s responsibility and independence looked like sending them to summer camp? Sure, summer camp is packed with fun and making new friends, but what if your camper came home with a renewed sense of responsibility and initiative? As part of The Power of Camp Study, 47 percent of parents said their child “has been more helpful around the house” after attending summer camp. [1]

At camp, kids are accountable to cabin leaders who help campers keep their cabins tidy. Cabin checks are part of a camp’s DNA, and it’s a prime opportunity for your child to understand the importance of picking up after themselves. Campers are responsible for making their bed, putting their clothes away, hanging up their beach towels and keeping track of their shoes—and you know how big of a deal that is. Camp counselors are skilled at holding their campers to their fair share and helping kids establish healthy habits.

Along with maintaining cabin cleanliness, camp creates moments where kids get to make decisions, which, for many campers, is a novelty. From choosing their afternoon rec activity to selecting food from the lunch line, they’re practicing making decisions and learning how to become more independent.

Camp bolsters a child’s confidence in their skills and abilities. As a parent, that’s one of your greatest hopes for them. Why not check out a camp that can give them opportunities to practice being responsible this summer? Go to to find a sleepaway camp that fits your family’s summer plans.


[1] Sorenson, Dr. Jake. “Assessing The Power of Camp.” February/March 2019 InSite magazine.