Let Loose

11 Jun / by: CCCA / 0 comments /

Photo Courtesy of T Bar M Camps

Camp does a lot of things well. It brings people together and breaks up monotonous routines. It creates reasons for road trips and excuses to make up songs for just about anything.

One of the most unique qualities of camp is the ability to reveal certain sides of campers that otherwise might be overlooked in everyday life. Summer camp encourages you to express your silly side, your “appreciation for nature” side, your “let’s have an adventure” side.

With the relaxed environment at camp, it’s easy to welcome fun. Laughter is a companion at every afternoon rec activity and dining hall meal. Camp counselors are known for being curators of fun, and they know how to help you step out of your shell to join the silliness.

When you’re outdoors with a trail guide and your friends, you’ll find a new appreciation for nature. You’ll hear the sounds of birds, observe a myriad of critters and smell the fresh air. All of these elements combine for an immersive experience, leaving you with a deeper gratitude for the outdoors.

If there’s a time to leap out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges, it’s at camp. Beginning the first day you set foot on the campground, you’re in for an incredible adventure. You could be jumping off of a towering platform onto a massive blog, reaching for the next obstacle on a ninja course or getting airtime on a motocross course. Your thrill-seeking side will love it!

Which sides of you especially come alive at camp? Your curious side? Your deep thinking side? Maybe even your karaoke side? Let this summer be a time to help you be yourself and let loose! Find a camp at ThePowerOfCamp.com.