Photo courtesy of Word of Life Youth Camp

Secret to An Energetic, Epic Summer

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Photo courtesy of Word of Life Youth Camp

Photo courtesy of Word of Life Youth Camp

Vince stared at the clock’s sluggish secondhand. It was almost here. Then the final bell rang, ending the school year and welcoming the long awaited days of summer.

Instead of spending this summer with postures slouched toward mobile devices and veg’ing on the couch, Vince and his friends will experience an energetic and epic summer at camp—being active for hours and making memories to last a lifetime.

More Than Fun and Games
While camp offers tons of ways for kids to have a blast, there are more benefits than fun and games. Physical activity supports greater cognitive function. So while Vince and his friends play an intense game of capture the flag, they are involuntarily improving their brain health.

Being active produces more neurons in the hippocampus—the part of the brain that consolidates learning and memory formation. Exercising also increases “the connections among existing pathways,” and enhances “brain organization and integration.”[1]  When brain circuits are pumping, there are significant improvements in memory and mood. [2]

Abundant Activities
At camp, Vince and his friends have the chance to be with friends their own age while participating in ridiculously fun activities. They might choose to spend time on the waterfront canoeing, swimming and waterskiing—or better yet, being launched off a giant blob into the water.

Afternoon pickup games on the court are a staple at camp. Playing basketball, dodge ball and volleyball gets kids moving and allows them to develop a better sense of teamwork and sportsmanship—lessons that are hard to teach when they’re at home on a laptop.

Vince can look forward to color tag, ultimate Frisbee and soccer, played in an open field with fresh air and sunshine. Or he and his fellow cabin mates can embark on a nature trail or an extended hike with other campers. Exploring nature is a must-do summer activity, and many camps are located in beautiful, scenic locations ideal for adventuring.

Find a Camp Today
Whatever activity kids might be interested in, there’s likely a camp for it, and chances are, they will remember their weeks at camp more than time spent in front of a screen. Narrow down your search to find a camp at

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