The Trifecta of Adolescence

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Photo Credit: courtesy of Camp Tejas

Relationships.  Fun.  Challenges.  These three things are an everyday part of a kid’s life.  Sometimes good.  Sometimes bad.

Relationships might be unhealthy, broken or stressful. 
 might come in the form of too much time in front of the television, playing video games, or even participating in unwholesome activities like underage drinking, sex and use of illegal drugs. 
 facing kids today include different forms of abuse, addictions, sexual identity issues, divorced parents, being bullied and a multitude of overwhelming pressures.

Send a kid to camp for a week, however, and these three words take on completely different meaning as The Power of Camp unfolds!

Relationships come in the form of new friendships and adults who love kids and serve as positive role models!  For many, a budding faith produces a new relationship with God.
Fun comes through wholesome outdoor activities that kids today often don’t have the opportunity to experience — things like horseback riding, fishing, canoeing, hiking, and rock climbing.
Challenges are experienced at camp through team building activities, ropes courses, and a breathtaking ride down a zip line.

These activities help kids discover their true worth and potential, and open up a world of possibilities as barriers come down and hope rises!  THAT is the Power of Camp!


About Sue Nigh 
Sue is the Executive Director of Heartland Conference and Retreat Center  She also serves on the Board of Directors for Christian Camp and Conference Association.