Photo courtesy of Word of Life Florida

We Miss Summer Camp

10 Jul / by: CCCA / 0 comments /
Photo courtesy of Word of Life Florida

Photo courtesy of Word of Life Florida

For many of us, camp has been canceled this summer. When summer days used to look like playing in open fields with tons of friends, climbing ropes courses and swimming for hours, many campers face a new reality these days. Due to a global pandemic, this summer looks different than any we’ve experienced. Ever. What this summer has illuminated is our love and appreciation for camp.

This summer, we miss…

Meeting new friends.

Camp is one of the best places to meet kids your own age. Getting to know people can be such a gift, and frankly, we’re bummed we can’t be with friends.

Going on grand adventures.

Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt at camp? Or maybe you’ve gone on a spectacular hike with your camp counselor and friends. Camps are awesome places to explore and go adventuring.

Spending time in nature.

We’re dreaming of cool waters, towering trees and warm sunshine. Right now, we’d even take a rainy day at camp.

Learning more about ourselves.

At camp, we get to try out new activities; many require us to summon our courage and get out of our comfort zones. Chances are when you’re at camp you’ll get to take a swing at a bunch of activities you’ve never tried before.

Singing in huge groups and shouting at the top of our lungs.

You might be missing an energetic morning show with hype songs and crazy skits to help you wake up. Or maybe you’re more bummed that you’re missing chapel services where the songs get stuck in your head for days, but you’re surprisingly OK with it.

Gathering around a campfire.

Sitting out under the stars and listening to the crackling fire set the scene for so many summer camp nights. Oh, and of course, we’re missing s’mores.

We love so many things about summer camp, and it’s OK to miss it. When it’s time for us to gather again, we’ll remember how much we love—and need—summer camp.