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What Are Your Biggest Wishes for Your Kids?

20 May / by: CCCA / 0 comments / tags : ,,,
A camper and his counselor smile together at summer camp.

Photo Courtesy of Sky Ranch

What are your biggest wishes for your kids? What experiences do you hope they’ll have? How do you wish to see them grow?

Somewhere on the list of dreams that you have for your kids is probably great friends, fantastic role models, and opportunities to grow and thrive. Consider how sending your child to summer camp could help fulfill those wishes!

  1. Friends

    Isn’t it a joy to see your children thrive in their friendships? We all want to be known and loved and we wish the same for our kids. When you drop your kids off in a cabin at camp they may be shy at first. However, throughout the week cabin mates will get to bond through team building activities, eating meals together, participating in cabin talks and sharing laughs as they get ready together each morning.

    You may be surprised by how closely your child bonds with their cabin mates by the end of the week! These deep relationships will allow your child the opportunity to share what they are going through with others who they have connected with and often these friendships last a lifetime.

  1. Fantastic Role Models

    Your children’s camp counselors are excited to spend a week caring for and investing in the lives of your kids. These high-energy, servant-hearted and loving summer camp counselors will be fantastic role models.

    Your kid will grow to trust their counselors over the course of the week. And they will likely open up about the good things and the hard parts of their lives. Then they will get to be met with the care and encouragement of their counselors.

  1. Opportunities to Grow and Thrive

    When your child attends summer camp, they are provided so many opportunities to get outside of their comfort zones. Kids may feel nervous to spend several days away from home, but then feel a huge sense of pride by the end of the week for the courage they had to stay at camp by themselves. As kids participate in activities like high-ropes course, horseback riding or water skiing, they may initially be nervous but then grow as they look back at the courage it took to try something new.

If you hope to see your kids make great friends, look up to fantastic role models and get out of their comfort zones, find a camp or conference center for your child to attend this summer!