Photo courtesy of Camp Luther

What Have We Learned from COVID So Far?

13 Aug / by: CCCA / 0 comments /
Photo courtesy of Camp Luther

Photo courtesy of Camp Luther

Maybe this summer you had a chance to attend camp. Maybe you didn’t. Whatever the circumstances—COVID has certainly presented a variety of them—we know they’ve been challenging. Sometimes you’ve been lonely. Sometimes you’ve been frustrated. Even melancholic.

When it’s difficult, we look for silver-linings because we long for hope. We long for brighter days. We’re hoping sooner than later that some of those brighter days can be experienced at camp.

Here are a few lessons about life—and camp—we’ve learned during COVID…

We need community.

Can you recall a time when you were with a group of friends, playing a board game, swapping memes and staying up super late just to say you did? Those times were markedly special. We need to be with other people. People who have similar interests, people who have completely different interests, people with different backgrounds, people who are older and younger. There’s a gift imbedded in community—the gift of being together.

We long to have an adventure.

There’s a big world waiting for us beyond our front doors. Exploring new places, scaling new heights, going the distance or facing the elements make for some of the best stories. Inside each of us, there’s a desire to seek adventure.

We need to be outdoors.

When was the last time you were in “awe?” Was it when you saw a purple-pink summer sunset? Or maybe you were dazzled by all of the stars in a night sky? Being outdoors and soaking in nature’s serene settings does something for a person. It often provides a reset and allows us to reflect on our lives.

These life lessons are strongly reflected in the camp experience. Community is woven into a summer camp’s DNA; just think of all the people you meet and the time you get to spend with friends. Adventure is built into daily programming: hiking, swimming, horseback riding, sitting out under the stars. Adventure is all around you when you’re at camp. You’ll spend the majority of your time outdoors, appreciating wide-open spaces and nature surrounding you.

We need camp because it helps us remember all of these life lessons. Find a camp or conference center at