Illustration courtesy of Luke Flowers

Where It All Started

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How growing up at camp inspired illustrator Luke Flowers to achieve his dreams

Illustration courtesy of Luke Flowers

Illustration courtesy of Luke Flowers

Illustrator Luke Flowers grew up in a place where his imagination ran wild. Set against the Rocky Mountains, his childhood home was an environment where creativity, hard work and perseverance thrived.

Illustration and photo courtesy of Luke Flowers

“I grew up at camp where my dad, and his dad before him, ran the horse ranch for a camp in Buena Vista, Colorado. Looking back, I know there was a bounty of joyful and incredible experiences at camp. But life on a horse ranch was hard work, too, for both my parents and for us three boys. I treasure those lessons of hard work that shaped my work ethic and drive. Because of that drive, I was determined to press hard to reach my dreams and face adversity with extra grit. It took that kind of work ethic to complete 60 books in seven years. I give my parents a lot of credit for shaping that work ethic and encouraging me throughout my life.”*

It’s a unique experience growing up at a camp—one not many kids have. From Luke’s experience mucking horse stalls to spending days working outside, he learned lifelong lessons that would help him reach his dreams of becoming a professional illustrator. His talents have led him to illustrate the “Moby Shinobi” series, “The Muppets Christmas Carol,” “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth – The ABC Storybook,” and many others. He’s well-known among illustrators and graphic designers, inspiring young creatives to push boundaries and share their work.

To help young people explore their interests and grow into their giftings, they need people to believe in them. They need space to create and dream. For Luke, that happened at camp. Help give kids and teens a place to flourish this summer by finding a camp at

*Excerpt from Luke’s article featured in the March/April issue of InSite magazine “From Mucking Stalls to Illustrating Bestsellers.”