3 Ways Working at Camp Benefits Teens

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At camp, teens learn practical life skills. Why is it that teens who spend the summer as camp counselors come home with all sorts of new, practical skills? For many, camp counseling is their first job. Whether counselors are paid staff members or volunteers, they work hard, often working long days following the camp schedule […]

Duck Dynasty’s Summer Camp Legacy

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Finding Love at Summer Camp “I met my husband, Willie, when we were in third grade, at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca,” confesses one of America’s biggest supporters of summer camps. “His mom, Miss Kay, was the camp cook that summer and her boys attended the camp for free.” Yes, Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame has a […]

New Infographic

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Check out the new infographic about Kids Today!                

What are parents worrying about? You’ll be surprised!

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When it comes to your children and the great outdoors, what worries you? If you’re like a majority of American parents, you’re bothered that your kids aren’t spending enough time enjoying God’s creation. Recently the Nature Conservancy surveyed parents of kids between 3 and 18 through the United States, Brazil, China and France—quizzing them about […]

5 Good Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp

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Photos courtesy of Crista Camps With all the activity options kids have to choose from these days, it can be challenging to determine which experiences are worth the investment of time (our kids’) and money (our own). Here are a few of the reasons why a week—or a summer—at camp should be at the top […]

The Trifecta of Adolescence

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Photo Credit: courtesy of Camp Tejas Relationships.  Fun.  Challenges.  These three things are an everyday part of a kid’s life.  Sometimes good.  Sometimes bad. Relationships might be unhealthy, broken or stressful.  Fun might come in the form of too much time in front of the television, playing video games, or even participating in unwholesome activities like underage […]

New Power of Camp Graphic: Everything is Better at Camp

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Download and share the new infographic for The Power of Camp. It’s clear that kids need camp today – let’s spread the word.

There’s Something about Being Somewhere Else

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I have been working in Christian Camping for 25 years, so it goes without saying that I believe in the Power of Camp. My thirteen-year-old daughter has lived at Trout Lake Camps, the place I work, her entire life. She lives a life that I can’t imagine — filled with climbing walls, zip-lines and horses in […]

The Power of Camp in My Life

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When I went to camp at 17, I was an angry, rebellious kid with a chip on his shoulder and a mean streak to go with it. I spent most of my energy trying to get attention or gain acceptance. I was living in the shadow of an older brother who was able to do […]

Taking a Breath

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The Power of Camp     Summer camp is a breath of fresh air. At least that’s how singer-songwriter Justin McRoberts sees it.     McRoberts, who has recorded seven albums and is a speaker at camps and elsewhere, says that he first experienced camp at age 13 in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada […]