How Camp Can Help Combat Loneliness Among Teens

How Camp Can Help Combat Loneliness Among Teens

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Teens reported increased levels of loneliness in a study published by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. USA Today cited the study, highlighting “The percent of high school seniors who said they often felt lonely increased from 26 percent in 2012 to 39 percent in 2017.” The impacts of loneliness are far-reaching, impacting mental […]

Why Camp Staff Friendships are the Best Friendships

Why Camp Staff Friendships are the Best Friendships

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Making time for friendships after high school and college becomes challenging. Where you once could count on seeing your friends in the cafeteria every day or sitting next to them in a lecture hall, spending time with them becomes somewhat of a rare commodity in young adulthood. But, what if you could have an entire […]

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Fast Track Your Leadership Skills in One Summer at Camp

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Where do you find opportunities to practice leadership? If you’re a college student, developing your leadership skills might take place in student organizations, Greek life or intramural sports. But a summer spent at camp is like a crash course in leadership. Here are four ways serving at a camp fast tracks your skills: Discover who […]

What's the difference between seeing and being

What’s the difference between seeing and being?

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It’s one thing to admire a tree and a completely different thing to climb a tree, to experience its grandeur, touch its bark, and bask in its towering beauty. We can all appreciate pictures of a nighttime sky. It’s a completely different experience altogether to sit under a canopy of midnight blue with the stars […]

Counselor Role Highlighted as Valued Experience

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For those outside of camping, seeing “camp counselor” on a résumé might require the applicant to explain his/her responsibilities, but employers will like what they hear. In the Associated Press’ article, “Dear Employers, Please Value ‘Camp Counselor’ on a Résumé,” working at camp is seen as significant work experience. “‘The great thing about overnight camp counselors is […]

Work that Matters

Work That Matters

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You could spend the summer sending emails or you could send kids soaring on a blob. You could make a coffee run for your supervisor or you could run an afternoon rec session. Spending your summer at camp is a win-win for you and executive camp directors. Here’s why it will benefit you both. As […]

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The Benefit of Controlled Chaos

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Take a stroll through any grocery store and you’ll likely hear parents say: “Please stop standing on the cart.” “No, we don’t need another box of cereal.” “Can’t we go at least one aisle without begging for candy?” Kids want freedom and parents want peace. It’s a prime setting for chaos. For many families, summer […]

Get out, I mean it!

Get out! I mean it!

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We intuitively know that getting outside is good for us. And, good for kids. But, life seems to conspire against us. Complicated schedules, luring screens and the safety net of “indoors” all combine to form a world where people aren’t spending enough time outside. A doctor at Harvard Medical School encourages parents to make getting […]

Camps grow strong girls

Camps Grow Strong Girls

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Most girls don’t fit the mold. You know, the mold created by an airbrushed magazine cover. Or, the mold created by a society that has told girls they can be all they want to be–a mold that comes with a secret message that girls need to be EVERYTHING. Or perhaps the mold that tells girls […]

Camp and the Soft Skills That Help You Thrive

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A Harvard researcher’s recent findings adds that working at camp is a great training ground for your future. David Deming, a professor of education and economics at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard’s Kennedy School, says that for years, employer surveys have listed the ability to communicate well and work as part of a […]