An Atheist at Camp

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The fact that a high school student who claimed to be an atheist attended Hume Lake camp for a week was quite possibly the result of his mother forcing him to go. There was little doubt that the student did not want to be there, made clear by his negative attitude toward the activities or […]

A Year’s Worth of Ministry

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Michelle Huey’s turning point in her faith happened at camp. She remembers a moment at camp when she realized that up to that point, her “Sunday relationship with God” did not affect her life during the rest of the week. With that realization, she decided to pursue a daily walk with the Lord. This transformational […]

Opportunity Awaits

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The chapel was filled with big screens, flashing lights and lasers. The camp was geared to be a thrilling high-tech experience. Then it all went dark. “The lights went out, and it’s still remembered as one of the best camps ever,” says Justin Herman, junior high youth pastor at Mariners Church. The rest of the […]

The Catalyst for Life Change

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It’s a week of fun. It’s a chance to make new friends. It’s an opportunity to leave changed. “Camp acts as a catalyst for life change in our ministry,” says Britt Kitchen, middle school creative director at North Point Ministries. “If you asked our volunteers or our local camp staff, they feel [the impact on […]

What Would You Trade?

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They say no parent ever regretted spending time with their kids. According to a recent study, parents have said they would give up something that matters to them for a year just to have one extra hour a week with their kids. What were they willing to give up? The answers might surprise you, ranging […]

Ministry Moment

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Caleb Aldridge, youth pastor at Lakewood Church in Texas, was a camper throughout middle school and high school. The youth group structure at Lakewood is primarily focused on events with activities for students. That’s why stepping away from the busyness and into a calm environment is so beneficial. “Summer camp always creates that atmosphere for […]

Photo courtesy of Lutheran Church of Hope

Saying Yes to a Better Life

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The last thing teens want is another lecture, but the desire to learn and to be poured into is a consistent longing. For the youth groups at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines, Iowa, camp is often the place where those needs are met. Bridget Purdy, youth and family ministry leader, at Lutheran […]

The Cool Thing About Camp

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While we may have plans for our lives, God can set us on a different path—one we might have never expected. The course of one man’s life was changed one summer in Northern Michigan at Lake Ann Camp. “It just kind of hit me right where I was that the Lord had bigger plans for […]

What a hotel can’t give you

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Why book a camp or conference center for a retreat? Some churches hold their retreats at a hotel – in a lifeless conference room or ballroom. We think a much better alternative is a camp or conference center.If a short 40 second break just looking at nature makes you more productive, imagine what a weekend […]

The Power of Camp visits Fox & Friends in New York City!

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On April 21, CCCA President/CEO Gregg Hunter was joined by staffers from four CCCA member camps for a ZORB- and robot-filled Fox & Friends appearance New York City, all about the power of camp in the lives of kids. Throughout the show, camps demonstrated the wide variety of activities available to campers and talked about […]