God is a Nature Lover

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God loves what He has made. When we enjoy creation…nature…we are enjoying the work of His hands. “Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there He put the man He had formed.” Genesis 2:8 CCCA | The Power of Camp

Camp is Calling!

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John Muir, renowned naturalist who lived in the 1800’s, coined the phrase “The mountains are calling and I must go.”  We love creation. We believe that people are changed when they interact with God in the beauty and majesty shown in mountains and valleys and lakes and seasides and meadows … the places you find […]

Integrating Important Lessons into Daily Life

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As fall rolls around this year, Justin Ebert, student ministries pastor at Central Community Church, will be challenging his students to remember what they experienced over the summer including time spent at Camp Barnabas. The reasons Justin takes his students to camp are plentiful. Whether it’s the excitement of meeting new friends, playing outrageously fun […]

Join the Coloring Craze

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Join the coloring craze and download these coloring sheets from The Power of Camp.

Working at Camp: ‘Best Summer of My Life’

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Leah Samuelson is a creative. She’s a learner, a faculty member at Wheaton College and she has a background in Christian camping—only with a twist. “One summer when I was 20, I got stuck,” Leah says. “I applied to be a camp counselor. I fully expected to be awarded the post—I am camp counselor material. […]

Camp! A Leader’s Guide to Making the Most Out of Camp

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The following is an excerpt originally published in “Camp! A Leader’s Guide to Making the Most Out of Camp” on My Healthy Church Youth blog. Every year, I think of three things that camp allows me to build into the life and the health of my youth ministry: 1. Build Runways Camp is not a […]

Where You Can Just Breathe

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Just as a captain would steer the ship away from rocks and icebergs, today’s youth pastors look for ways to help their students navigate adolescence. The sources of stress for many teenagers may take the form of padding their college portfolio with extracurricular activities and impressive academic résumés. Add learning how to socialize with peers, […]

Not Just Another Job

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Maybe it’s the fragrance of fresh-cut grass or the smell of suntan lotion that takes you back. Or perhaps it’s the sound of a lifeguard’s whistle that reminds you of days spent at camp. Summer camp represents a time of freedom, fun and finding out a little more about the God who created us and […]

The Power Of Camp on Fox & Friends, April, 2016

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Key to A Camp Experience

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This time of year Kyle Wassom’s students are swamped. Like a lot of other American teenagers, they have projects, exams, competitions and other activities that make carving out time for exploring their faith during the school year nearly impossible. Yet the student ministry team at First Baptist Church (Denton, Texas), prioritized a retreat to Pine […]

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