Camps grow strong girls

Camps Grow Strong Girls

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Most girls don’t fit the mold. You know, the mold created by an airbrushed magazine cover. Or, the mold created by a society that has told girls they can be all they want to be–a mold that comes with a secret message that girls need to be EVERYTHING. Or perhaps the mold that tells girls […]

Camp and the Soft Skills That Help You Thrive

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A Harvard researcher’s recent findings adds that working at camp is a great training ground for your future. David Deming, a professor of education and economics at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard’s Kennedy School, says that for years, employer surveys have listed the ability to communicate well and work as part of a […]

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The Best Career Prep Ever

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  Where else can you work this summer that will not only prepare you for your future but also be a whole lot of fun? Working at summer camp provides you with indelible opportunities for: Building your emotional intelligence. When you live and work with people who are different from you, you learn how to […]

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Take a Break

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Honestly, today’s teens need a break—a break from demanding schedules, cafeteria food and probably their siblings. Wouldn’t it be nice for the adolescents in your life to press pause on their normal routines and come back a better version of themselves? Camp supports that. When we asked parents of campers if their kids were nicer […]

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Help Teens Swap Stress for Summer Camp

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Between academic pressures, staying up on social media and maintaining friendships, the levels of anxiety and stress seem to be increasing for teens. School guidance counselor Mari Campbell says, “What I see with high school teens—many balance a lot of responsibilities between school, extra curricular activities, work, family [and] friends. Many do not have the […]

Be Still

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The stillness we’re longing for still exists. Finding it takes a little more effort than it used to, perhaps, but it’s attainable if we’re willing to seek it out. Camp is one place it can always be found. Located in remote settings, the opportunities to put aside distractions and pursue quiet are abundant at camp. […]

You Were Made for This

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[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of Grace Adventures” align=”aligncenter” width=”1000″][/media-credit] The long summer days bring a certain kind of splendor. They ignite creativity, allow friendships to form, memories to be made. And one of summer’s many luxuries is extended time to explore nature. There’s something about the outdoors that makes us feel more alive. Something as simple […]

You Have to Be There

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[media-credit name=”iStock Photo” align=”aligncenter” width=”960″][/media-credit] Sometimes you just have to be there. You know those moments – you’ve spent all day as a family at the park, at the beach or doing some other activity. Then, a special moment happens. One of your kids drops a deep thought, feeling or fear on you. Your son […]

Let’s Bond — Camp Crafts to Do With Your Kids

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[media-credit name=”Photo Courtesy Word of Life” align=”aligncenter” width=”518″][/media-credit] We know campers love the craft shack at camp. In a research project conducted by Elmer’s (yes, the ubiquitous glue company) experts discovered many ways that crafting is good for kids. It improves fine motor skills, increases executive function (the ability to plan next steps), and encourages […]

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Don’t Waste Your Summer

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If you’re a student looking for a way to spend your summer, consider working at camp. There are so many ways to serve, and it could be one of your best summers yet. Picture yourself: Interacting with kids Building life-long friendships Learning from peers, leaders and campers Impacting the lives of those around you Programming […]