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Can summer camp help kids and teens be more empathetic?

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Students’ schedules are packed, and there’s not a lot of uninterrupted time to be still, hang out with friends and process life. They go from school to sports to homework. Then it’s time for bed and the tireless cycle continues. Amidst a full schedule, there may be some margin for friendships, but a recent study […]

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30 Activities for Kids to Beat Summer Boredom

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Need ideas to keep your kids occupied this summer? Here are some activities that will keep your crew from boredom until it’s time for summer camp. 1. Read a book together. 2. Volunteer as a family. 3. Participate in library story times and activities. 4. Reading contests. 5. Paper airplane races. 6. Train the family […]

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Going Outside Improves Teens’ Quality of Life

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Did you know teens who spend more time outdoors are better students? This study found teens who played outside regularly performed better in school than those who didn’t. The same study found teens who don’t go outside as often as their peers are more likely to be lonely and shy. Going outdoors reduces anxiety and […]

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Want your child to connect with nature? Send them to camp.

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How do you support your child’s sense of wonder? Their abundant curiosity paves the way for learning, and they’re eager to discover new facts about the world they live in—especially the great outdoors. While 96 percent of parents say it’s important for their kids to have “a connection with nature,” kids are spending less time […]

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I Wish My Kids Were…

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Parenting can be full of worry. You worry your kids aren’t prepared for their future. Aren’t making enough friends. You worry they aren’t kind enough or empathetic. What parents need is a community around them. Parents need people who love their kids and will help reinforce the principles you value. Parents need camp as a […]

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Experiences Pay Off More Than Material Gifts

28 Feb / by: CCCA / 0 comments /

Do you want your kids to really love the gifts you give them? Consider giving them an experience like a week at camp, or give your entire family a week away at family camp. Researchers from the University of Toronto said, “If you want to give them something that will make them feel closer to […]

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I’m Bored!

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How many times do you think you may hear these two words this summer? Yes, your kids get bored. Yes, they hope you have a solution to their boredom. You’ve given all of the obvious answers, and they aren’t buying them anymore. What if you gave them (and you) a week apart? A week where […]

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Google Study Says These Skills Top Employers’ Lists

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Many college students set out to find corporate internships for the summer with hopes of gaining experience, making connections and preparing for life after college. But what if there was another opportunity that helps students develop sought after soft skills, gives them an edge for the next step in their career—and happens to be a […]

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Next Gen Leaders Work Here

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Where will employers find tomorrow’s leaders? Paul Hemp, senior editor of Harvard Business Review and Linda Hill, Harvard Business School professor, tried to answer this question several years ago. They recognized that employers are searching for the kind of next gen leaders who will emphasize collaboration and create contexts that allow others to flourish. Employers […]

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Emerging Adults Benefit from Working at Camp

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If you’re between the ages of 18-25, you’re probably asking some of the same life questions teens are asking. And your response might be, “Hold up. I already went through that phase.” There is new research indicating emerging adults go through a similar identity exploration process, much like teens experience. “Emerging adulthood is proposed as […]